Using Spinal Cord Stimulator for Chronic Pain Management

Spinal Cord Stimulators are electronic devices which are implanted under the skin (in the lower back area mostly) of patients who are suffering from chronic back pains. First used to treat pain as early as 1967, the Spinal Cord Stimulator emits low levels of electrical pulse along the spinal column of human body, modifying the nerve activity to control the sensation of chronic back pains. Spinal Cord Stimulation

This process was approved by the FDA in 1989 to relieve pain from serious nerve damage in the lower portion of the body and now is used in more than 70% of all neuromodulation treatments. Recent advancements in the battery and microprocessor power have allowed these devices to have a longer lifespan and higher precision, which requires lower maintenance. There are rechargeable Spinal Cord Stimulators in the market now, which removes the need for further surgeries for patients if the battery in the stimulator dies out in a few years after the implant.

Benefits of SCS-: Reduces the chronic back pain considerably (about 50-70%)- Can also be deployed in cases of Ischemic pain due to peripheral vascular diseases, post amputation pain and in cases of Regional pain syndrome- Applicable in cases of Abdominal or organ pain from a number of chronic conditions like pancreatitis.

The initial cost of SCS is recovered in 2-3 years as the patients have to incur fewer costs in medical visits, reduced painkiller usage and patients who opt for SCS are able to return to work far quicker

Spinal Cord Stimulators Programming and Management

Programming for SCS involves choosing the electrode stimulating configuration, adjusting the amplitude levels, and the width and frequency of electrical pulses. The amplitude levels indicate the intensity of stimulation which is delivered in mA or Volts; a lower voltage or current is used for peripheral nerves and paddle leads. The pulse width is adjusted to broaden or shorten the area of paraesthesia. Similarly, the patient is allowed to choose the frequency of the pulse wave – some choose the low frequency beating sensation while others go for a high frequency buzz.

Chronic Pain Management using SCS

Chronic back pains characteristically last for a period of at least six months or more and so more often than not they are not cured by the first line of treatment (like pain relief medication, chiropractic treatments, physical therapy etc.). Thereafter, depending upon the patient’s condition a pain management plan is chalked out by the experts, which may include one or a combination of pain treatment procedures, physical therapy and nerve blocks. If these therapies or combination of therapies are still unable to relieve the pain, more advanced mechanisms such as Spinal Cord Stimulation is deployed. SCS are mainly used to cure following two types of chronic pains :

i) Neuropathic Pain (involves severe nerve damage)

ii) Chronic back pain from a failed back surgery syndrome

iii) Sciatica cases

Potential Risks and Side-Effects of using SCS

While the risks are comparatively low for patients undergoing SCS implantation surgery than what it is for patients who choose more invasive surgical methods, a few risk factors must be considered before opting for this procedure. Some side effects may include:

– Bleeding- Allergic Reactions

– Numbness- Paralysis

– Consistent pain around the operated area

– Battery failure or leakage

– Post surgical soreness

The Most Important Factors To Consider When Purchasing A Motorbike

javeline1Now that something has triggered your interest in buying a motorbike, you need a few guidelines in the best options. For many people, thinking of owning a motorbike triggers feelings of freedom, thrill, excitement and power. For most riders, although these words may have initially triggered an interest in the bike, they do not do justice in describing the experience of riding it.

It starts when you throw your leg over the bike and settle into the saddle. As you touch the starter, you feel the the throb of the engine as it fires up in response to the slightest adjustments to the throttle. That is the moment you start to experience the reality of riding your motorcycle.

Before we go further, let’s back up a little. New riders often ask what size, style and type of motorcycle they should buy. The answer to this common questions is that it depends on the individual. Although there are a few general guidelines, you should be guided in person by an experienced dealer who will be able to advise you on this personal decision, based on your age, weight and size.

If you decide to learn to ride a bike from an organization that specializes in training new riders, you will find that they will generally provide small motorcycles that have low seat heights and are light in weight. The small bike size helps new riders reach a comfort level more effectively and faster.

One of the first things you will learn to do is “paddle walk” the bike. This means sitting in the seat and moving the bike forward and backward by walking your feet forward and backward – this gives an idea of how the bike feels. It is important to make sure that the height of the seat is right for your size so that your feet reach the ground comfortably.

The next step will be your training partner pushing you from behind so that as you move forward, you lift your feet from the ground and onto the pegs to get the feel of the bike under power.

Most training organizations will go through these choices in order to help new riders to become accustomed to the bike. The height of the seat is, in fact more important than the weight and size of the bike so it should be a priority consideration. You will find learning to ride a bike far more difficult if the height of seat means you do not have a comfortable reach to the ground.

Although experienced riders will slide to either side to extend their inseam reach, this is not necessary for an new rider. As a new rider you would find that sliding to the side can result in the bike leaning at an angle that you are unable to recover from. In this situation the only option you would have would be to lay the bike down, and then use the lifting techniques you have been taught. You may also need help from others in order to get the bike back onto its wheels.

The combination of the ideal seat height, weight, size and appearance is what most people are looking for in a new motorcycle. Starting with the seat height, then moving on to the size and weight, and finally adding appearance is the best order to make your choices in. It is important to start with a good foundation in your seat hight, size and weight before moving on to the look of the bike.

Important Ingredient To Promote Skin Lightening

BV-OSC is a type of vitamin C, which plays a huge role in face lightening lotion. It got special properties, which will help prevent melanin production while assisting the skin produce collagen. Research reveals that it may aid to shield skin cells compared to other vitamin compounds. This substance has been compared to ingredients, including magnesium ascorbyl phosphate and ascorbic acid (some other substances utilized in face lightening products). BV-OSC (also referred to as tetrahexyldecy ascorbate) has been shown as being a useful substance aid promotes skin lightening. This ingredient is an odor free highly concentrated fluid, which also provides anti-oxidants to your skin. Although this substance has been shown to aid offer results, there is a selection of topical facial lotions created to aid whiten skin.

Selecting the best product is dependent upon various factors.

A lot of skin lightening products are created to deal with age spots. All these age spots are normally located on the face but can show up on other parts of the body like shoulders, arms, and hands. Skin lightening lotions can be utilized for many different reasons besides age spots. Many are created to deal with pimples or skin damage from excessive exposure to the sun.

You can find relevant products made to deal with skin discolouration according to skin condition, be it hereditary, due to medication or unbalanced hormones. It is critical to point out that there are various kinds of lotions available as the active ingredients are different based on the type of skin the product is made for.

Hydroquinone is a very common substance located in Skin lightening cream that can help the skin control melanin production, however some products may not include this particular ingredient. This specific substance can be substituted with something equivalent like arbutin extract or licorices extract, with the main objective to whiten complexion. High levels of melanin within the skin have resulted in age spots, also referred to as brown dark spots, which show up on your skin surface. Many people do not like the sight of dark spots and search for methods to reduce how they show up on the skin. The great thing is there are various solutions with regards to picking relevant cream products.

Skin lightening cream products is available for various kinds of skin such as normal, oily, sensitive and dry skin. You should have an understanding of your skin type when selecting the correct product to lessen skin discomfort. Certain whitening substance might result in minor skin irritation. However, if you simply select the right product according to your skin type, you will reap the benefits of healing moisturising substances included within the product formula. It’s because formulas being created to combat reactions. Mature skin usually suffers from age spots. Therefore, when finding the right product, try to find ingredients, which aid repair skin like vitamins A and C as well as other anti-oxidants. All these substances can also promote healthy looking skin while controlling melanin production.

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